If you are scheduled for your first appointment at Kinesio Way Chiropractic, please download and complete the 3 forms below. Be sure to bring them in to your appointment, or scan and email back to Dr. Nick.


What to Expect w/ your Care (pdf)


New Patient Intake & Consent (pdf)


Scheduling & fees agreement (pdf)


What to expect at your visit..

Complete New Patient paper work, discuss any acute or chronic issues present, and discuss primary goals with Dr. Nick.

Receive a baseline Antioxidant Score with our BioPhotic Scanner. This is a nutritional tool used to asses overall nutritional status and is relevant to the overall care received at Kinesio Way Chiropractic.

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Receive Dr. Nick's unique Chiropractic and Kinesolgy- based care; including comprehensive, therapeutic and corrective care and consultation.